Pascale Manuel Tschaler

Leveraging my profound knowledge in the architecture and interior design industry combined with my technical expertise in numerous 3D Design and BIM Management software, I have honed my range of skills in leading a wide range of tasks and providing innovative ideas to a diverse range of people. Through my expertise in Management, BIM Design, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing I am able to supervise multiple projects and companies that require creativity and the highest possible efficiency. Moreover, I am a tech-savvy, analytical designer and draughtsman in architecture with a track record in carrying out architecture and interior design assignments in Switzerland and Vietnam.

Even outside the workplace, I still enjoy working a lot and developing ideas that would make all the operations of my companies more effective and efficient. Equipped with a passion for growth, I show my care for the staff by providing high salaries, premium insurance, annual bonuses, company travel, and staff lunch. Seeing my employees grow inspired me to give opportunities to many people for a greater life here in Vietnam. I greatly empathize with my staff that if they feel great at work, they can perform at their maximum potential. I believe that the only thing that matters is the will to grow and to improve daily with complete honesty, no matter what education you have.